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33 Tangents - Episode #51 - Talking Data Layers with Jim Gordon - Part 1

April 19, 2019

This week Jason and Jim are joined by TMS Guru Extraoidinaire, Jim Gordon.  For those that don’t know Jim, he spent time with Search Discovery as they were building Satellite which became DTM after it was acquired by Adobe.  He’s the author of the frequently used and referenced “DTM Cheat Sheet” and over the last 5 years he’s been building Tagtician which is a browser companion tool to help users debug, export, and explore their DTM, and now Adobe Launch, libraries.


The Jims had a recent conversation about data layers and how they are critical to a robust analytics implementation and a well integrated martech stack and Jim Gordon has authored a blog post appealing to Adobe to develop a standard.  Why is that important?  How will that help with data collection and distribution.





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