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33 Tangents - Episode #47 - When Is It Time To Switch Tools/Vendors?

March 22, 2019

We frequently come across 1 of 2 scenarios.  We either have a company that has a tool (or set of tools) that are in place and no matter the work they put into them, the tool doesn’t fit their need and they don’t move on and find a better tool, or we have a company that switches tools or vendors the minute there is a sign of trouble.  Neither of these are good or healthy.  This week Jason and Jim discuss when it is the right time to switch to a new tool or vendor.  What should be taken into account before making the firm decision to stay or move?  Are either staying too long or changing too frequently signs of a bigger organizational issue?



Adobe Summit

The Gibson Girl Lounge at The Grand America

Bret Gundersen

Hellfire Sushi Challenge at Kobe Sushi 

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