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33 Tangents - Episode #41 - Coaching and Mentoring Your Team

February 10, 2019

This week Jim, Hila, and Jason to continue part of the theme from last week’s episode around giving tough love to your customer; having those honest, hard conversations in order to build a strong relationship. 

In our last episode, Jason mentioned this quote by former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden “One of the greatest motivating factors is the pat on the back, although with some individuals, you have to make the pat a little lower or a little harder.”  Coaching and mentoring a team is not easy.  It takes different approaches at different times.  What are the different approaches and which factors determine which to use?  What are some mistakes that you’ve made?  Why does coaching and mentoring come easier to some and not so much for others?  Being the best engineer usually gets you promoted into management, but the skills that go you there won’t mean success there.  Why does that happen?